The rules of doom that are meant to be broken!, wait. (must read before posting)

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The rules of doom that are meant to be broken!, wait. (must read before posting) Empty The rules of doom that are meant to be broken!, wait. (must read before posting)

Post  Zaihra on Wed Dec 02, 2009 5:45 pm

Ok, we want to keep this forum nice so we unforantly need 'rules'. Follow them or you will all die horrible deaths..of doom. IMA SING DA DOOM SONG! DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOOOOM DO DO DO DO DOOM! DO DO DO DOOOOOM! Oh..uh..right. Rules >.>

Roleplay rules:

1: Please keep swearing and sexual content to a min. If your post contains sexual content have a warning at the beginning so someone can skip that post if they want.
2: You must ask me or AWSOME before becoming a character from the show (Ms.Bitters, Zim, Gir, etc etc)
3: If you are a character from the show please try to act like that char. So no super happy all the time Ms.Bitters or *shudders* Gir being a genius who hates less someone did something to make him a genius...then it is O.K I guess.
4: If you get into a roleplay fight please do not godmod/powerplay (auto hit and controling someone elses chars) without their permission.
5: Please do not roleplay in chat speak. Not only is it annoying to other members but it is hard to understand. Also, remember to use end marks please.It's hard to read a post when its all one super long sentince. Other then those two as long as people can understand the post your good.

General rules:

1: Please keep swearing to a min.
2: No sexual content or pornographic images.
3:Please make topics in the right forums. If they are not in the right forums they will be moved.
4: No double posting please. You can always just edit your post.
5: Be kind and respect other members
6: No flaming
7: Please try to stay active, there are enough dead Invader Zim rp's already and we don't need another.

If you break the rules you will get a warning. If you keep breaking them you will get temporary banned. The second time you are banned you are perma banned. You may be let off the hook if you dident mean to break the rules however.

Also, it is ok if you are a bad speller (I am a terrible speller actually lol) but please try.

Thats all for now, but feel free to make suggestions in the suggestion thread Very Happy

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