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Gilbert`s -cough-awesome-cough-Bio Empty Gilbert`s -cough-awesome-cough-Bio

Post  AWESOME on Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:15 pm

name:Gilbert Weillschmidt
Phisical stats:
5/10 Speed
5/10 Stealth
8/10 Strength
personality: Is nice, silly, BADASS ,thinks he`s "awesome" (is in my onion~ and yes, that`s why I made my username awesome XD, because of Gilbert in all his awesomenss) Therefore he thinks he`s better than everyone else.
family (if any in the rp) :(pffft,someone should make German or Austria or even Russia XD)
extra:carrys a *awesome* sword around (XDDD) them song-Hammer Song and The Tower of Pain

looks: (yes, its Prussia from Axis powers hentail....not and oc)
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Gilbert`s -cough-awesome-cough-Bio Prussia_by_Kaorun

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