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Post  AWESOME on Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:00 pm

You can roleplay for up to one week before you must get a bio.

Name(if you choose a char from the show you gotta ask me or Zaihra first) :
Race (fanmade races are aload):
Phisical stats:
/10 Speed
/10 Stealth
/10 Strength
Family (if any in the rp):
(not needed)
History/Backstory (whatever ya wanna call it):

*Someone randomly presses edit button because Zaihra says AWSOME forgot something*

Just a quick reminder everyone, irkens are unlikely to know their family since they just take the DNA of two random irkens and mix it togather then put it in a testing tube or something like that. A while later a smeet (baby irken) comes out. Also, an less they are defective they will be very very unlikely to feel many major positive emotions like love or anything. They can still be happy though.

Characters from the show that are taken:

None. Its a free for all! Get em while you can! XD An till then I shall temporary control them so this can still be an IZ rp..

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