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Post  Carly on Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:19 pm

Name(if you choose a char from the show you gotta ask me or Zaihra first) :DOMO
Gender: male (I think so)
9/10 Speed
5/10 Stealth
5/10 Strength:
Race (fanmade races are aload):hatched from an egg no one knows
Looks:I'm gonna be DOMO Domo
Personality:likes watching tv, playing guitar, and eating everything excepts apples. be careful when domo is mad he lets out explosive farts
Family (if any in the rp):
(not needed)
History/Backstory (whatever ya wanna call it):
Extra: Mr. Usaji was eating and watching tv while domo still lay in his egg domo hatch and fell right into Mr. Usaji's house. That's how domo was born.

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